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Marna E. Solarsh, Esq.
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Federal and New York State laws provide that any child with a disability between the ages of 3 - 21 is entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education designed to meet his or her individual needs. If your child has a developmental, emotional, physical or learning disability, it is vital that you understand and utilize the special education system.

Attorney Marna Solarsh has been advocating for the educational needs of children with disabilities since her own daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She understands the complexities of the special education system, and provides the legal guidance and support you need to ensure that your child receives the best education possible.

Marna will:

Review evaluations, reports and all other documents to determine if your child is eligible to receive special education services or accommodations from your school district.

Develop a strategy to obtain all the services and supports your child is entitled to receive, including:

  • Proper classroom placement and instruction
  • All necessary support services, such as speech, occupational and physical therapy, counseling and other related services
  • Special accommodations, such as technological aids, extended time on tests and having directions and questions read and explained

Represent you at meetings of the Committee on Special Education (“CSE”) and work with school district personnel to develop an educational plan that meets the needs of your child.

Assist in the development of a meaningful transition plan for students who are preparing for the adult world, whether it be post-secondary education, employment or adult services.

Contact Marna today to arrange a consultation on obtaining special education services for your child.