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Most individuals with disabilities receive needs-based government benefits such as Medicaid or Social Security Income (SSI) – benefits that impose strict limits on how much income and assets an individual with disabilities can have. A Supplemental Needs Trust (SNT) provides funds that enable disabled individuals to enjoy those things that improve their quality of life, without affecting their eligibility for government benefits. An SNT may be used for such purchases as:

  • A television or computer
  • A vacation or special needs camp
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Handicapped-accessible equipment,
    such as a special van
  • Medical care or therapies and services that ar not covered by Medicaid

SNT’s can be set up under a will or during one’s lifetime. They can be funded with assets from a third party such as a parent, a grandparent or a sibling or with the funds of the disabled individual who will be the beneficiary. A named trustee – typically a family member, a bank, or both – manages and makes payments from the SNT.

Marna Solarsh is an expert in the creation and administration of Supplemental Needs Trusts.
Working with your family, Marna will:

  • Determine whether an SNT is appropriate, and which form of SNT is best
  • Handle all of the paperwork to establish the SNT
  • File the necessary petition and handle all matters with the court if formal approval is required

Contact Marna today to arrange a consultation on a Supplemental Needs Trust.